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A. Mamaux & Son Inc. has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 150 years.


We strive to make our customers happy and fulfill their awning needs. This company is built around hard work and efficiency. We have professional crews that work hard to ensure the customers awnings are made, sewn, erected and removed properly. 

We install and remove your awnings by the WEEK. When you ask for your awning to be erected or removed, you choose which week you want and then the crews work within the week GEOGRAPHICALLY to decide which day works best. We call the day before the crews are coming to give the customer a heads up so the path can be clear for the crews and remove any furnisher that could possibly be in the way. 


Please keep the weather in mind. We DO NOT work on rain, high winds or snow days. The awnings are scheduled, removed and erected WEATHER PERMITTING. 

For payments, we send an invoice AFTER your awning has been installed or removed. We accept checks and credit cards.

  • If you choose to pay your bill with a credit card, we take the information over the phone and do not keep the information on file.

  • If you are mailing in a check, please allow 5 business days for your check to be deposited.

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